Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am a few days behind on blogging, but planning to get all caught up. LOL...I have been planning that for a while now. :) Monday was Labor Day, so Micah was off work. We love when he is home with us during the day! We got up that morning, and Micah decided to make his Memaw's chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast. He had never made it before, but YUM! Landry loved it and ate an entire biscuit (and 2 scrambled eggs) herself!

She was a mess when we finished, but she seemed to enjoy the gooey chocolate between her fingers! :)

Little brother decided to sleep in, so we got to spend some special time with Landry that morning. We all enjoyed getting to eat and cuddle on the couch together before he woke up.

I love watching Collier sleep and seeing all of his funny sleeping positions. He was super comfy in this picture and was even drooling...ha! He is such a sweet little thing!

I am pretty sure we just hung around the house the rest of the day and played with the babies and got caught up on house stuff. Can't promise that though, it HAS been 4 days, and my brain is MIA right now! I guess we can blame that on sweet babies and too little sleep. :)

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