Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lot of cheeeeeeese!

It is so funny trying to take pictures these days. I get a lot of action shots, but to have Landry actually sit down and let me get a picture is rare....especially when I try to have her pose with anyone else. I guess she just likes the attention being on her! :) She will say "cheeeeeeese" every time I get the camera out, but then she takes off running. I know it is a phase, and I know we will look back and laugh at how busy she was in all these pictures, but I would like to have a few family pictures of us all looking at some point! :)

Last week, we went to my mom's house when she had my niece and nephew for the day. We tried to get a picture of all four kiddos together, and this was the best we got...

Ha! Not exactly what we were going for!

Collier (3 1/2 weeks) and Laurel (3 months). At least they are still...for now!

All by herself...just the way she likes it!

Collier and Judd (3 years). I got him to smile big and say "boys rule!" LOL.
That's it...nothing too exciting. Landry LOVES her cousins-especially the older ones that can jump around and entertain her. She will laugh and laugh with them while they play. She isn't so interested in the babies right now, but I am sure she will have fun bossing them around some day soon!

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