Monday, September 5, 2011

Razorback game!

We decided to be brave and try taking both the kids to tailgate with us for the Razorback game on Saturday. Going to the games and tailgating is something that Micah and I have really enjoyed doing together, and I have been a little bummed that this is going to be a struggle for us with Collier being so little and breastfeeding. It worked out where my little brother and his girlfriend, Emily, were in town for the weekend. They went down to the game with us to tailgate, Tyler used my ticket to the game, and Emily and I left with the kids before the game started. It really couldn't have worked out better! Even though it was hot, we had such a good time. I thought Landry looked precious, and she loved getting dressed up and getting lots of attention! :) Here are a few pictures...
Ready to leave the house!
Picking grass and stealing food at the tailgate. :)
Our little family of 4!

You can't tell, but Collier looked like a cutie too in a little personalized Razorback onesie from my sweet friend, Lyndsay. I carried him in a sling most of the time while we were walking around, so he and I were HOT AND SWEATY within about 5 minutes. It was a lot of fun for us to do this once, but I doubt we take both kids again for a while...just too much work and not the relaxing time that tailgating is supposed to be! :)

Tyler and Micah had fun though, and the HOGS WON which is the most important part! If we actually plan having a baby next time, I will be sure to plan around football season...we didn't have these issues with an April baby! Not to mention that we didn't have to be pregnant in the steamy summer weather either. If you are reading this and considering getting pregnant...shoot for an April delivery...all babies should really be born then. Ha!  

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