Friday, September 9, 2011

Newborn Pictures!

We had Collier's newborn pictures made when he was a week old by Stephanie Henderson Photography. She does all of our family pictures, and we think she does a fabulous job! She is so patient with the little ones (and the big one...) when they don't want to cooperate. Here are some of our favorites...I will post a copy of the birth announcement and the picture we used for it after I mail them this weekend. :)

We tried to get a few family pictures, but they didn't quite turn out. Either Landry wasn't looking or you couldn't see Collier's least we tried!

Since they wouldn't cooperate in a group, we got a few pictures of Landry alone. You can tell what her attitude was that morning. Ha! That girl does not hide how she feels one.little.bit.

So glad to have these sweet memories of our babies documented!

Thanks Steph! We love the pictures, and as much time as we spent together this time, you are starting to feel like family! :)

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