Thursday, September 22, 2011

A fun weekend at Gigi's!

Micah was out of town for work this past weekend, so the kids and I packed up and went to visit my in-laws. We have been trying to find a weekend to go down, but it always seems like we have something going on when Micah is here....SO, we just went without him. We did a lot of relaxing, some shopping, and Landry got to soak up some special attention from Gigi and Papa-D. Honestly, she did not even want me to help her put on her shoes when they were was all about them! Collier on the other hand was attached to mama, so it was helpful to have the extra hands to love on big sister. :)
These pictures are totally out of order, but you will get the point!
Collier did lots of sleeping and cuddling with Mommy!

We got Landry a sassy new pair of shoes at the mall. Micah's Grandad is the "shoe expert" in the family, so we let him check out how they fit before we took the tags off. :)

Landry played with Grandmama's bears and her (always attached) baby doll.

And then she made a little room for herself on the bench with the bears. LOL...I love this picture!

We had a fabulous weekend. Micah's parents live right next door to his grandparents, so we get to see everyone when we are there. It is so special that the kids get to know, see, and be loved by so many of their grandparents and great-grandparents! What a blessing! of the best parts is that little missy gets to eat whatever she wants while she is at Gigi's house. :) She really seems to enjoy that!

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