Friday, September 2, 2011

Double the fun!

Oh boy...we have been having a lot of fun at our house this week. Landry is at such a fun age, and she is entertaining almost every second she is awake (except for when she is throwing those terrible tantrums that are starting!). She was really getting in to taking care of her babies before Collier arrived, but now it has become more of an obsession. She is so sweet to her babies and wants to take them everywhere with her. Well, I better not lie...she is sweet to her babies until she throws them down, steps on them, bangs their heads into the fireplace, etc....we are working on that. :)

The other day, we were about to leave the house, and I couldn't find Landry! When I found her, she had gone to collect her baby and fill her purse with pacifiers...she is one prepared mama!

And such a little mess! :)

As much as she wants to take care of her baby dolls, her brother is a little bit of a different story. I think the jealousy might be starting a little bit. Collier was all bundled up on the couch the other day while I was fixing lunch, but this is what I found when I came back to check on him...

And a few minutes later, I found this!

Sneaky little thief! I guess she wanted the blanket, but I don't understand why his socks had to come off too. :)

There is always something going on at our house, and I am loving that! I love these two so much, and they are definitely keeping me on my toes!

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