Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Destin...the first few days!

I am not going to comment about every picture I want to post, or I would be here all day! We are having a great time on vacation so far, and the weather has been perfect. Landry is loving chasing and trying to boss around her big cousins. :) We are here with Micah's family, so it is Gigi, Papa-D, Aunt Emily, Uncle Kyle, Jackson (4 years), Avery (3 years), Micah, Landry (17 months), Collier (6 weeks), and me. With 4 kiddos 4 and under, there is always something going on! :)
We were here in May, and Landry is night-and-day different during this trip. She is really understanding where we are and enjoying her time on the beach. She is still at a little bit of a difficult age for vacation because she is still wanting  her 2 naps a day...and she will only nap in a dark room in her pack-n-play. It has worked out perfectly this trip though because Micah's parents ended up giving us the master suite in the condo, and Landry has been sleeping in our dark closet! LOL. :) That might  sound a little mean, but she is really sleeping well!

A few cute things that have happened over the past few days...
-Landry got ahold of Aunt Emily's razor (that part wasn't funny) and got a little cut on her chin. She has now learned the word "oooowie," and she is just precious when she says it. We will point at her boo-boo and say "oooowie," and she will repeat us and pout her lip out. She is only pitiful when she know we are paying attention to her! :)
-Avery has been calling Collier "brother baby," and I love it! I think that name might stick for a while!
-Landry has learned to hug with both arms, and she has been caught numerous times on top of Collier trying to hug him with two arms while he is sleeping. She is a mess!!
-None of the kids wanted to hold Collier last night while we tried taking family pictures of just the kiddos. He took at least 3 face plants in the sand when he was pushed or kicked out of their laps. Again, he is going to have to be a tough kid!
-At the beach the other morning, Landry found two bigger boys with boogie boards that she enjoyed watching. They came up and talked to her for a second, and then turned around to go back into the water. When they left she started pointing at the water and yelling at them. Micah started cracking up because she was totally trying to boss them around in her little gibber-jabber voice. She is full of sass!

That is all I can think of for now! Hope you all are having a great week!!

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