Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baby love!

We had Collier's 6 month check-up on Thursday, and he is a healthy little stinker! He has slowed down growing (shocked me!) a little bit since his 4 month visit. He is now right at 20 pounds and in the 84th percentile. While we were there, we visited with our doctor about Collier possibly being tongue tied. We had noticed that he didn't have much movement with his tongue, and there was also a little place on the end where it almost looked like it was developing like a little snake (you know, like a split in the middle!). Anyway, the doctor looked, and his tongue was almost totally connected to the bottom of his mouth. He said it was an easy procedure, dabbed a little anesthetic in there, and snipped it with some scissors. Collier screamed like crazy! I think mainly because he was being held down by his daddy! As if that wasn't enough, the sweetest nurse ever came in a few minutes later and gave him 3 mean ole shots.
One kind of funny thing from the day was that when Landry saw the nurse bringing in the shots, she said "Owie Colliers!" She didn't even seem to think for a second that they might be for her. We have her 2 year appointment in April and several shots to come...not sure how she is going to handle that! :)
Me with my sweet boy before the "procedure."

We came home that afternoon, and Mr. Collier took some much needed Tylenol. I haven't been able to take Landry to Mother's Day Out the last two weeks because she has had a few different illnesses passing through, so I had scheduled our babysitter to come that afternoon and watch the kids while they napped and I ran some errands. I hated to leave him after the surprise snipping and all, but I am so thankful that we are blessed with the best babysitter ever who I know takes perfect care of the little ones while I am away!

That evening, Collier was still a little fussy from the events of the day. When he was waking up from his nap, Micah put Landry in his pack-n-play with him. I am absolutely in love with the picture below...Landry is head-over-heels crazy about Collier! She got right down beside him, threw her arm around him, and was telling him, "It okay brothers." These two don't only make my day, they make my life! :) 

I love that these two love each other. I have brothers, and I know that there is a special bond there. Collier has even started to reach for Landry and pull her towards him any chance he can. He loves for her to get down in his face and entertain him with her singing, dancing, and laughing. It will be so fun to watch them as they get older and see how they interact.
 I have polar opposite relationships with both of my brothers. My older brother, Drew, has a no hug policy. :) For those of you who know me (Camille, I know you are probably laughing out loud right now!), you know that is tough! He isn't serious, but he is the type that we have told each other we loved one another probably once or twice ever. On the other hand, my baby brother, Tyler, and I are a little over-the-top close (according to my!). We hug, we giggle, we talk on the phone and say "I love you" each and every time. I don't have a sister, so maybe he is just the closest thing to it! :) (Not that you are girly, Tyler...promise!)
Anyway, I can't wait to see what kind of relationship my babies have. I pray that they are the best of friends. I hope they stick up for each other and share secrets. I hope they fight like crazy, but make up quickly. I hope they make each other laugh, and I hope they always hug (their mama and each other!)

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