Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's always a party around here!

I have been MIA for a little while, so I have tons to catch up on! Beware, there will probably be several updates over the next few days...including a 6 MONTH post on baby Collier. Can you believe he will be 6 months old on the 12th? Craziness...madness!! 

Almost every night before bed, we snuggle and play with the kids in our room. They love this time as a family (so do I!), and most of the time it helps them wind down a bit. Sometimes we say our prayers as a family instead of doing them individually with each baby. Landry has started praying over us as we pray and just saying "Mommy, Daddy, Colliers!" In my mind, I think she is thanking God for us. :) The other night, Micah got a picture of the babies and me in our striped pj's. Aren't we precious? :) Ha!
Check out Landry's "excited" smile. We cannot get this girl to make a straight face in a picture!!
 Gigi called over the weekend and asked if she could come up on Monday to visit and play with the kids. Yes, please! Landry had the best time baking cookies with Gigi while Collier napped. She wore her apron, but she wanted Gigi to wear the chef's hat.
 Daddy was very impressed with Landry's baking skills, and I am pretty sure we finished off the entire batch that day. Oops.

Today, we are all slightly under the weather. Landry, a little more than slightly. She woke up this morning with a pretty good fever and even had some bright green snot. Collier has his first cough.
 It is almost noon, and I am just finishing my first cup of coffee and haven't attempted to comb my hair yet. We visit the doctor tomorrow morning at 8 to see what is going on with little missy. Hoping for healthy babies and a productive mommy very soon! :)

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