Friday, February 17, 2012

Road Trip!

Well, it was long overdue, but we finally made a road trip to Eastern Arkansas to visit family and celebrate some new family! Micah has 3 aunts and his grandmother that live in Jonesboro, and my little brother is marrying a girl from there too! There was a big engagement party for Tyler and Emily scheduled for Saturday night, so we took the opportunity to make a weekend trip to visit Micah's family as well. Micah has honestly not made the trip in about 2 years, so it was WAY overdue for him! We had SUCH a great time seeing all the aunts and visiting with Memaw.
Micah has a cousin with a little girl that is 5 months older than Landry. They came in town the same weekend so that we could see each other and the girls could play.
Landry and Madelyn had a big time playing in the pack-n-play. The daddies helped them build a fort, and they thought that was great!

Sweet girls!

Landry and Memaw reading a book...

Collier and Aunt Melinda (who we stayed with)
 Like I said, Saturday night was the engagement party for Tyler and Emily. Micah and I got to get dressed up and head out for a few hours while Aunt Melinda, Aunt Michelle, and Aunt Margo played with the babies. They got extra love that night! :)

Tyler and Emily got their engagement pictures back right before the party, and they turned out SO great! They are a precious couple...inside and out! 

It was a wonderful weekend, and so much fun to get to see everyone. It is funny how both sides of our famlies are starting to have so many connections. Micah's aunt, Melinda, was Emily's second grade teacher! :)

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