Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sassy Pants Gibson

Well, it is one of those days, and my brain is all over the place. This post is going to be random provide variety. :)

We have been working with Landry on saying her name. She does not like to say Landry for some reason, but she really is getting the Elise Gibson part down. My mom was working with her on it the other night when she was watching the kids. Now, when we ask Landry what her name is, she says "E-E's" (aka: Elise). We may have a name change in our future...who knows!

Landry is such a mess these days. I think she is absolutely hilarious, and she has us laughing all the time. She is a sassy little thing for sure, but at the same time she is so sweet! She is confident in the things she wants, but she is quick to say "I sorry" if she thinks she has done anything wrong. She gives the sweetest kisses and hugs and when she says "I lu yoooou!" it makes me want to cry. :)

Last week before we went to church Landry was walking around the house drinking her juice, loving on her baby, and checking herself out in the mirror. She was dancing around singing at the top of her lungs...
"I lu babies, I lu juice, I lu boots, I lu babies, I lu juice, I lu boooooots!"

She always has her little head tilted to one side or the other and normally has a hand (or two) on her hips. Her pigtails are normally a little crooked because I can't get her to hold her head straight! :)

We got Landry some new sunglasses this week, and she loves them. When we get in the car, she immediately makes it known that she NEEDS her glasses! While we were in Hobby Lobby the other day, the little mess did not want to them off. She was entertaining everyone that we passed.

I didn't get a picture, but this morning she demanded that she wear her pink cowboy hat to school. I almost had her out the door without it, and then the meltdown began as she noticed she didn't have it when we were getting in the car. I left Collier for a little while at Mother's Day Out today too. The few times that I stopped back in to feed him, she was still wearing it. She is getting very opinionated on what she wants to wear! Also at MDO today, she taught the teachers where their boobies were. :) Niiiice.
And, just incase you were trying to picture that sweet little face being demanding or she was not getting her way on Wednesday.
It must be a hard life!
I am SO glad that Micah and I never acted this way for our parents. :)

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