Sunday, January 8, 2012

Collier's First, First Christmas!

Well, here we go! I am finally back in action with our computer, and all my pictures are still intact (after a few scares!). The pictures below are from our first Christmas that we celebrated the weekend before Christmas. We always do my Dad's side of the family early, and it just makes it so much easier for us all to hang around and not rush off. We celebrate with my parents, my brothers, step-brother, step-sister and families. My dad and step-mom just celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, so we have been celebrating as a big family for quite a while now! Collier slept a lot that day, and Landry had a big time...and got her new kitchen!

Micah and sleepy little Collier
Jamia reading to Judd, Gage, and Trey

Little Laurel

Collier in his new chair!

The newly engaged couple!
Nephew, Trey

Nephew, Ty
I still have a picture of him in my wallet from when he was about 6 months old. So hard to believe he is 11!!

Landry wearing her new apron and chef hat from Aunt Jennifer!

 Niece, Natalie
Collier with his Dado
And, Landry with her new kitchen. The first thing she went for was the PHONE. :)

We had a really fun time that day, but the kids were all sad that Nana was sick and stayed in her room the entire time (I know that was HARD for her!). She had a fever and a touch of the stomach bug that weekend, but we had already ordered food and had it all planned, so we didn't reschedule. I told my dad that it was kind of like not having Santa Claus at Christmas because Nana did all the shopping, but didn't get to enjoy the kids opening everything! My dad was just as surprised as the kids were as they opened everything...he has no clue. :)
Anyway, it was a wonderful first Christmas for Collier...and two more to go!

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