Friday, January 20, 2012

It is Friday!

It is Friday, and we are soooo happy about that!
Friday means Daddy will be home for the weekend, and we always get to do lots of fun stuff when he is here. :) We had dinner scheduled with some good friends tonight, but we had to reschedule because one of our little stinkers has a runny nose and cough that she has been hanging on to. She acts like she feels fine, but both of these friends are pregnant and have kids, so we decided to play it safe.

We don't have much going on today, and I like it. Both babies are napping, my friend {Michelle} is bringing over lunch and visiting, and we will probably grab take-out tonight since our dinner plans changed. Maybe a redbox? We live on the edge, ya know. Ha!

 Here are a few pictures that Micah emailed me from his phone.
This is Landry at lunch for Papa-D's birthday last Sunday. Emily gave her a sticker, and she had it stuck to her head the whole time she ate. :) Silly girl.

Micah {father of the year} Gibson took this picture of Landry riding her baby brother like a horse last week. He thought it was hilarious, Collier didn't seem to mind...I am sure it was good for his back. :)

Happy Friday!

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