Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Yesterday, Landry and I had our friends Kari Beth and Elle Louise over to play. They are the best, and the girls had so much fun together (I must say, mamas did too!). You can read about them here. We decided to do an early play date because both of the girls still need naps { times.}. KB brought Pioneer Woman's marmalade muffins and I made the coffee. It was nice, relaxing, and perfect. Collier went down for a nap after they had been here about 10 minutes, and he ended up sleeping until they were walking out the door! It really couldn't have been better because it took both of us to keep the girls from choking each other out. :) They are hilarious. Being only 3 months apart, they are right at the same stage. They are both strong willed little stinkers, but KB and I are a lot alike on parenting and discipline. I think both the girls got at least a few "swats" and "talks" yesterday. They are learning, and I hope they will continue to have fun and be good friends as they grow! 
Landry is a little confused about why I always have blankets laying on the floor for Collier. She takes the toys off of them most of the time and covers up with the blanket. :) Makes me laugh.

Sweet, sleepy boy. He only stays awake about 45 minutes in the morning before he is ready to go back down for a nap!
 And, the girls...

Are they not just precious? They played with the kitchen, dressed up, played games on our phones, fought like crazy, and then loved on one another a little. :)
I am so thankful for the sweet friends that Landry gets to grow up with!

By the way, Kari Beth is super creative, crafty, and everything I am not. Check out her new etsy shop. Basically, I am ordering one of everything! Ha!

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  1. Such a fun time! As ornery as our girls are they are so sweet! I told everyone about Elle pushing Landry! What a mess! Can't wait to play again soon! And thanks for the etsy shop shout out ;)