Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day...

I think I posted about this on Thanksgiving, but I can't remember, and I am too lazy to look back and see...We decided this year to switch off Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day between our families. We want the kids to be able to relax, not rush, and enjoy playing with their cousins and grandparents wherever we are. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Micah's family this year, so we did Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with mine. It worked out perfectly this year though because his family ended up doing their's early...we were able to make everything except for seeing our Jonesboro family. We miss them all, but hope to be able to celebrate with them next year! 

On Christmas Eve, we got up and went to my mom's house for brunch. We exchanged gifts there with my brothers, Mimi, and Papa Marc. Collier and Landry had on sweet, matching monogrammed shirts, but before we even got a picture, he pooped all over it! Little stinker!
After gifts at my mom's, we went to my grandparents and celebrated with them and my aunt's family. After we left there, our little family went to the Christmas Eve service at our church. We only made it through half of the service because there was no childcare and Landry was EXHAUSTED. It is a fun famiy tradition to start though!
We gave Landry the American Girl "Bitty Baby" that was mine when I was little. She got several American Girl things to go with her...a new outfit, a carseat, diaper bag, high chair, and stroller. She was so excited! 

Collier watched on from the walker...:)

Another picture with my honey!

After a wardrobe change, Collier sat in  his bumbo and enjoyed trying to grab all the paper.

Judd got a camera, and thought that it was fun to make people pose for pictures.

They had to get really low for him to get them...:)

Collier with his Great-grandpa Collins

Landry sometimes has such a fake smile. It is hilarious! Rocking, eating a cracker, and watching her baby...

Laurel Elizabeth...love those big brown eyes!!

On Christmas morning, we woke up and kind of did Santa Claus at our house. We got Landry the stroller to go with her baby, but Santa left out the whole set for her to play with. She also got some new pj's. Collier got a seat (that he had already been using for the past month), some pictures for his room, and a few books. I'm really not a big Santa Claus fan, so I don't know how this is going to go as Landry starts to know more about it. We want her to know that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate, and I think that all the excitement about Santa, the elves, and what he is going to do for her can get in the way of why we really celebrate. It works out easily for some families, but I specifically remember asking my mom if Jesus was real after I found out Santa wasn't. Anyway...we will see what happens next year!
The presents all set out by the fireplace.
Landry got up, wasn't interested in the presents at all and just cried for her juice. A big ole' flop! :)

The first thing she did after seeing the stroller was flip it upside down to check out the wheels. Ha!
 We ate breakfast with our little family, lounged around a bit, and then went to visit my Mamaw and Papaw Weir. My Mamaw has been pretty sick, so they didn't plan to have a big family gathering. We went by for a few minutes for the kids to see them.
Collier with Papaw Weir. This might be where he gets the red tint in his hair! :)

The kids and I with Mamaw and Papaw.

After that, we headed to my mom's for a fancy Christmas dinner. She and Marc cook a yummy dinner and then we all hang out and play games. I am pretty sure this is the first year we have been able to make it to this event. It was fun!
My little lady at Mimi's house that night....

Our little family. :)
It was a great, full Christmas for our family. What a blessing it was to celebrate with all the people we love most!
On a side note...Since having children, I think about this a lot (but especially during the holidays)....Jesus was a BABY! Mary nursed him, cared for him, and was charged with the responsibility of raising the Messiah! I look at the faces of my little ones and feel such a burden to teach them and guide them in the way the Lord wants them to go. I honestly wonder if Mary had days where it was tough being a mother. I wonder if Jesus cried uncontrollably at times. I wonder if she ever thought, "I can't do this!" Probably not, but it is interesting to think about. :)

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!!

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  1. you are so pretty and so sweet! and so are your babies. thanks again for having us over today! elle louise crashed on the way home :)