Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Gibson Christmas!

Our second Christmas this year was with the Gibson side of the family. We also celebrated a little early, and (again) that made it nice that no one really had to rush off to get to another celebration. Landry was able to play with Jackson and Avery, and that is always a fun time! We all spent the night at Micah's parents on the 22nd, and then woke up to do our small family gifts on the 23rd. That afternoon, we went next door to Micah's grandparents and had the big Gibson Christmas with all the aunts and uncles. It was a full day, but a lot of fun!

My sweet, blue-eyed boy hanging out on Gigi's floor.

Uncle Kyle is one of Landry's absolute favorite people! Here, she was dancing and entertaining him. LOL.

The next morning, the kids watched a video of a child singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" with Gigi. That is Avery's snuggle buddy, Girafee, covering up Gigi's laptop. :)

Then, we opened our gifts. Collier got lots of fun toys that light up. AND, he got a camera for his room that goes with our video monitor. He has slept upstairs in his bed for naps a few times now!

Landry got lots of dress up clothes, a shopping cart, and a tricycle!

Cousin Avery got a kitchen and lots of baby stuff. Landry was very interested in playing with all her goodies! Here, she is trying to fit the baby doll's glasses on her face. Silly girl!

My handsome husband and me at Grandmama and Granddad's. Honestly, we never take pictures with just the two of us, so I made it a priority this year!

Landry and Papa-D

Collier just hanging out and being cute...:)

Landry got a new baby doll from G&G. She stole one of her cousin's new dump trucks and took her baby for a ride. Made me laugh! She is such a girl, but she LOVES trucks!

Pretty little girl with heavy, heavy eyes. She was worn out!

By this Christmas, she was really getting the hang of tearing the wrapping paper!

Micah with his Granddad.
And...I have already shared these Instagram photos on another post, but they were from this trip too!
Chubby little cheeks! :)

Mama's "ice guy."

My precious girl in Gigi's hat.
Two to go! Still sighing with relief that I didn't lose all these sweet photos. I love looking back and laughing about the little things they do. :)

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