Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 weeks!

Happy 2 week birthday to our little angel baby! 
Like I said yesterday, 2 weeks is so much longer than we thought we would have him here on earth, and he is still pushing along today! I will give you an update from the doctor below, but first I wanted to share a few other things with you. 

I'll start by saying that I love Christian music. When I am in my car alone and actually get to listen to the radio (instead of Cinderella or Veggie Tales or Little Einsteins), it is a glorious day. 
Before Parke was born, we started planning small parts of what we would want for a memorial service. I knew instantly a few songs that I would want played at the service, and the first one I wrote down was "I Can Only Imagine." If you don't know the song, it basically has beautiful lyrics describing what the writer imagines his days in heaven will be like. I love it. 
On Monday, I was out running some errands with Parke. Just the two of a normal mommy would with any baby. He began to get fussy, so I stopped my errands, sat in the front seat of my car, and started feeding him a bottle. As soon as he started eating, that song came on the radio! It's an older song and is played regularly, but not all the time...if that makes any sense. I started bawling because this was a song I had set aside for his funeral, for his memory, not for his PRESENCE. I do have a point, and it is to share once again God's mercies through this journey with Parke. God has been merciful to me as a mommy and answered my prayers that if Parke was going to have a short life, that it would be meaningful. He has answered my prayers that even in his short life he would LIVE and be family and be known. I absolutely marvel at the fact that Parke is here and has been "normal" for these weeks. My God is bigger than any diagnosis, and I am so thankful. 

I sent this picture to Parke's biological family last night. I love the text conversation that we had following the picture, and I can't help but to share it with you....they are precious!

(Some of it is a little choppy with the language barrier, but you'll understand!)

Birth Family: Thank you so much for send his picture :-)
Me: You're welcome! Hope you guys are doing well. 
Birth Family: yes we you guys are doing good too?
Me: Yes, everything is going great. We are taking Parke back to the doctor tomorrow to look at his heart.
Birth Family: we all are praying for matter we knows God already heal him.
Me: I agree! He is a special baby.
Birth Family: I know! I'm thank you and your husband for wanting him in your family...
Me: We love him and love your whole family very much!
Birth Family: Thank. We love you guys too like ours own family...thank you

Can you believe that? I cried reading their messages..."thank you for wanting him in your family?"....oh my goodness! There has not been a second that we have not wanted this sweet baby, and for them to think they have to thank us just broke my heart! I'm telling y'all...I am in love with this sweet family. 

Now, on to the update from the doctor today. It wasn't all good. Parke is still doing well, but his heart beat is faster than last week. It is now a "gallop" instead of a normal beat. They did a chest x-ray and saw that his heart is quite enlarged. These are both signs of failure, but we don't know how fast the failure will be. I had a call from Children's Hospital today that the cardiologist that saw Parke initially (in his mama's belly) would like to see him on Monday. Everyone is surprised that he has done this well so far, so I am excited for them to tell us more about what might be going on. Since his visit last week, he has gained 1/2 pound! At this point, we are sad but we were prepared for this to happen. I know I keep saying it, but we have had him significantly longer than we thought we might. I love him to pieces and can't wait to find out more on Monday!

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