Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Official...He's a Gibson!

After seeing ultrasounds, hearing Parke's heartbeat, watching him kick, and so many other things, I knew I was his mama. 
Then, upon receiving my "mama band" and hearing my little man cry in the hospital, I knew even more that he was mine. 

{love these sweet pictures our attorney got right after Parke's birth....I was overwhelmed with emotions!}

Then, on Wednesday it was OFFICIAL. Parke Henry is a Gibson and I AM HIS MOMMY!

Oh, and Micah is his proud Daddy too. :)

We are on day 8 now, and can't believe the joy that Parke has already brought to our lives...and many others. We didn't know if we would ever hold him, ever hear him cry, ever get to KNOW him....and we are. He is a precious, precious baby and I am so thankful that he is ours. 

 Parke had another check-up yesterday, and the nurse still doesn't see any change in his health. His heart and lungs still sound great. Praise the Lord! We don't know how long we will have him, but I am so glad that he is thriving while he is here.

We are trying to live our lives like normal, but there is still a cloud of worry in our minds. I check Parke multiple times each night to make sure he is breathing. I turn on the lights and watch his color while he eats. I remember being nervous about L and C when they were newborns, but this feels different. I am just thankful for these sweet moments and trying to soak up each minute he is with us! 

Birth mom called yesterday, and we are taking Parke to visit tomorrow! I was so excited to hear from her. We called and checked on her the day she released from the hospital, and she was doing great after the transfusion. She sounded like she felt well. I have tried not to call and bother her and just left "the ball in her court" as far as visiting. We were starting to think she wouldn't call, and then she did. I can't wait for her to see how precious he is tomorrow. :)

More updates to come!

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