Sunday, January 27, 2013

Parke's Newborn Pictures

This post is going to be short on words and heavy on pictures. Our sweet photographer was with us when Parke was born and came to our house when he was 2 days old to capture some precious memories. We got some additional pictures this past week, but I will share those another time. 

Just a quick update on Parke's status...we are beginning to see signs of deterioration with his sweet body. His feedings have slowed significantly, and he has been resting a lot. He seems very content and peaceful, but we know these are all "signs" of what is coming. Please be in prayer for our much loved little boy. 

In the mean time, enjoy these priceless pictures that capture Parke Henry's first days perfectly. 

Good grief, I should have known I couldn't post this without adding another thought. 
We are struggling to understand God's plan in this whole situation. I struggled as we left the doctor's office on Thursday and found out there were signs that Parke wasn't fully healed. I know God has a plan that I can't see, but because of my human nature, I WANT TO KNOW. I want to know why things happen, I want to know why he chose us to be blessed by this baby, I just want to know. However, in the midst of tears and sadness as I left Parke's appointment on Thursday, a song came on the radio (surprise!). :) The song is called, "What Do I Know of Holy," and you might be able to guess what it is about from the title. The chorus reads:
"What do I know of you who spoke me into motion?
Where have I even stood but the shore along your ocean? 
Are you fire? Are you fury? 
Are you sacred? Are you beautiful?
What do I know? What do I know of Holy?"

Really, what do I know? And what could I really comprehend of his plan? He spoke me into motion, he spoke you into motion, and he spoke Parke into motion and right into our arms...for a purpose...with a plan. 
Amen. :)


  1. These are just the sweetest pictures. Y'all are getting tons of prayers from Tulsa!