Saturday, January 19, 2013

A visit to birth mom...

We went to visit Parke's sweet birth mom and family today. She asked us to come on Saturday because she wanted her daughter to be home from school to meet him. It was the first time the kids saw him, and they were all so excited. Birth mom was happy that we came, and I LOVED getting to squeeze on Parke's biological siblings and cousins. Micah even said that it was "fun" as we left. I hope we get to do this many times while Parke is here!

Birth Mom, Parke's siblings (minus one), and two sweet!

Parke's ornery brothers...they are the cutest things ever!

I really can't even tell you how much I enjoyed today. I know it seems weird, but we are like family. I love them, and we hung out and visited just like precious friends. Parke did have a dirty diaper while we were there, and birth mom handed him back to me. :) It made me feel even more like the "real" mama. 

Parke's aunt told me that they have been praying for him to be healed...them and a lot of others, I know! He is still doing great today and holding strong. He is one loved little boy! 

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