Saturday, January 26, 2013


I'm about to do a blog post without a single picture of Parke...please don't hurt me! :) 
He's still doing great, FYI. More pictures to come tomorrow. 

Now, on to the monsters...
 I am a sucker for pajamas, and had to re-stock Collier's selection this past week because he is growing out of everything! At 17 months, he is wearing a 2T in all of his clothes. I bought size 2 and 3 pj's thinking we would be good for a while. After washing, the 2's will not even fit over his chunky-man legs. :) Thank goodness I bought some bigger, and thank goodness his sister is smaller and regularly begs to wear Collier's pj's to bed anyway. 
So, Landry got never worn hand-me-downs from her little brother, and they both got to be monsters the other night. They had a big time being "twins!" 

Collier is not a huge fan of taking pictures with his sister lately...

"Landry, pose for me with your hands on your hips." :) Ha...or belly. 

"Now...act like monsters!"

I love these two so much! 

Hope you're having a great weekend! 


  1. Wow...Lindsey, I still think of you as the little sassy-pants! I love reading about your adventures with your beautiful kiddos. You're such a wonderful mama, must be all that great babysitting you got growing up! I hope to have the chance to meet the little miracle boy someday.

    Much love and prayers,

    1. Tif, definitely the great babysitting. :) Love you and miss you!