Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A proud brother...

As you all know, Collier is a stinker. He has figured out that my two hands and two eyes cannot be on all three babies at once, and he is taking advantage of the situation. :) He is continuing to be more brave with his exploration, and this is what I caught him doing yesterday...

and trying to change channels! 

 He is such a proud big brother. He loves "baby!" very much, and has started asking for him when he gets up. It is precious. He puckers out his lips and wants to give him kisses all the time. He is rough, so for sweet Parke's sake we keep a close eye on their conversations. :) 

Look at that proud and ornery little face! Trying to blow kisses...

We are continuing to enjoy our time with Parke Henry, or as Landry says, "Parke HeMry." He is continuing to be just perfect today! He had his first bath last night, so more pictures to come soon! 

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  1. So excited that "Parke HeMry" had another great day! And certainly glad to see Collier staying busy! :)