Monday, January 14, 2013

Loving these days...

I tried and tried to get the blog updated yesterday, but it just didn't happen. We are doing good, and Parke is continuing to do great! We reached the 72 hour mark, and we are seeing no obvious decrease in heart function or breathing. Parke is being held constantly and was finally put down in his swing for 5 minutes yesterday while I showered...if he continues to make it, he is going to be absolutely rotten! :)

We are focusing on all the little moments with Parke and enjoying every second. His projectile poop yesterday, his wild dry-diaper-wet-outfit trick that little boys do, his sweet baby grunts and stretches...he is amazing and "normal" to us. 

We are taking things day by day at this point. Once we meet the 2 week mark that the doctor in Little Rock mentioned (2 days-2 weeks), we will have him re-evaluated and another echo preformed. I am confident he is going to keep pushing. His eating is improving instead of declining, and he is so strong!

We are loving being able to be home with him instead of in the hospital or another facility. It makes it possible for us to capture so many sweet moments with Landry, Collier, and Parke together. I am loving these days, and loving my little family. Whatever time we have together is precious, and that goes for any of us. We are not promised that Parke will be here tomorrow, but we are also not promised that WE will be here tomorrow! Hug your sweet family tighter, take more pictures, and cherish even the tiniest moments. 

Please keep praying for our sweet miracle...he is a true blessing to our family!

Landry is obviously crazy about Parke. She loves to tell him, "I'm your sister!!" I am so glad they were able to meet and spend all these days together. We went back and forth on whether to let our kids be involved, and I can't imagine it any other way right now. 

Thank you so much for your sweet emails, texts, comments, and thoughts....we appreciate every single one!

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