Monday, January 7, 2013

All about L and C...

 I haven't done a post in a while on what Landry and Collier are up to. They are so funny and keep us moving. I don't want to forget a single day that I am blessed to spend with them! They are dolls, literally sassy-sweet-sort of stinky dolls. :) I love being their mommy, and I can't imagine a job more fulfilling....or challenging or frustrating. Some days are long, but this time just seems to be flying by! 
Please don't read on if you don't want to hear me brag about my kids. Ha!

Landry Elise...2 and 3/4. :) 
Landry is really entering a sassy stage, and trying to teach her to be respectful has been a challenge. On the other hand, she is the most compassionate kid I know and shows concern for anything that is going on with anyone else. She loves to count, is learning to spell different words, and constantly wants to know what things "start with." The other day we were at Dillard's, and she said, "Look mama! A D like Daddy!" She learns things so quickly that it blows me away! I am trying to maximize this time where she really is enjoying learning new things. She keeps telling me that she is 3, and that makes me want to be crazy! NOT until April....really, not until April 16...not one second before!

Some funny things she has said this week are:
-"I do that all weeks!" She is saying "all weeks" about everything. She will even say, "I do that all weeks...on a Tuesday!" 
-She likes to talk about things she did when she was "little," or she will tell me things were her's when she was "little." She has a lot of my old dolls, and I bet I have said that to her a time or two. 
-She said about her daddy the other night, "He's MY husband!" Micah loved that. 
-Over the weekend, the kids got up and came and snuggled in our bed. As we were getting up and heading to the kitchen, Landry said, "Let's go team!" 
-At night when I tuck Landry in, I usually tuck her "as snug as a bug in a rug!" Lately when she is tucking her baby dolls in she tries to mimic that and says, "tug as a tug in a tug!"

Collier Bean...almost 17 months

Collier got an official big boy haircut the other day. He had his first haircut several months ago, but we were scared to go too short. We did it this time, and he looks adorable. :) He is kind of like a bulldozer, and the word "gentle" is not in his vocabulary. I have never seen a child move so quickly or get in to so many things. I was hoping this was a stage, but I think it might just be Collier. He is also the cutest thing in the world and loves to act shy around new people. I love it when I'm holding him and he lays his head on my shoulder for about 1/4 of a shows me he has some sweetness  in him way down deep! :) I absolutely love being mommy to this boy, and I love imagining what he is going to be like as he gets older. He is still a tank and weighs more than his sister. He is clumsy as all get out, but tough as nails. He makes my heart smile with all the new things he is learning. 
-Collier gets an A+ for manners. He is constantly saying please and thank you for everything he wants or gets. 
-His new favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and he breaks out singing at the most random times...loudly! It always goes something like this, "Tinkle tinkle wittle dar, (fast forward) da da da da da you are, bup baba baba ba HIGH, lalalalala SKY, tinkle tinkle wittle dar..." 
You get the point. Adorable. 

I am crazy about these two monkeys, and I grow to love them more everyday. I love their sweet personalities and pray daily that I will shepherd them in the right direction. I am one blessed mama. 


  1. Lets go team! Lol!!! :-)
    I love C's big boy hair!

  2. How sweet!! Tyler says "I haven't (insert here) in YEARS!!"
    Haha! They are wiser than their own YEARS!