Monday, January 21, 2013

3 under 3

Oh y'all....our house is a circus. I wish I could call myself something like "the ringmaster," but these days I feel like I'm mastering nothing. I knew that having 3 babies under 3 would be a challenge, but I didn't realize the guilt I would feel for the way my attention is split. Especially with sweet Parke being sick, I don't want to waste one single second with him. In the exact same breath, I miss Landry and Collier like CRAZY if I have help with them and they aren't around. When Collier was born and I was busy with Landry, he just learned to be content and "toughen up." In a normal situation, I would absolutely be training #3 that same way, but with Parke Henry it's different. As you can tell from my rambling, my emotions are all over the place. :) Really, Parke is the most content baby out of all 3. He is happy to be in his swing or laying on a blanket looking around, but I can't stand to not have him in my (or someone else's) arms...that boy needs to be loved on! 

With that being said, welcome to our lives...

Collier wants to be a baby again, of course.
I don't have any pictures, but Landry is also asking/taking a bottle again every once in a while.  

Landry and Collier have more energy that I ever thought could fit in one tiny body...

Landry is so sweet with Parke and loves that she has "two brudders!" 

This is where I said, "Landry, be sure to hold his head!" :) Interpreted by a two-year-old. 

Landry is such a helper and loves feeding Parke his bottles.

And our precious, peaceful, sleeping baby. He is such a gift, and makes my heart so happy in the midst of our crazy story. 

We are on day 11 and counting. Our hearts are full! 
Parke was dedicated at church yesterday...can't wait to share pictures with you soon! 

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