Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Lazy Day for Us!

Yesterday, we literally did not change clothes until bath/bedtime last night. It was a wonderfully lazy day around here and just what the kids and I needed. 
I don't want this to sound like I am complaining (because I promise, I'm not!), but yesterday was our first day with zero visitors since Parke was born. It was nice to just relax, spend time snuggling, and not worry about how the house (or my face!) looked because people were coming over. We are back in business after a day of rest and had several people drop-in today. We love having visitors and letting people snuggle our sweet boy, but everyone needs a little down time every once in a while. :)

Our day was fabulous! We got up and played and played. Then, I snuggled on the couch with all 3 babies in my arms and watched any show they wanted for an hour. It was precious time!
My kids LOVE to go, go, go...but they really seemed to enjoy yesterday as well. 

Micah got home from work, and the temperature was still around 60 degrees. We went outside and let the kids play for a bit. They love being outside and try to sneak out the door any chance they get!
Landry has a purple jeep and Collier has a tractor, but since Landry is "the boss" she always gets to decide which vehicle Collier "wants." :) She is a stinker!

Baby Parke even joined the party outside and seemed to really enjoy looking around. 
He is a doll....still awake, still alert, still eating today!

I'm so glad we got to have some much needed family time yesterday. The smiles on the kids faces and extra kisses throughout the day made me realize over again what life is all about. The little things really make a big difference to these precious little hearts. 

Squeeze your babies tonight and enjoy some special time with your family! 
Much love from the Gibsons!


  1. I'm an adoptive mom of seven children through foster care. Your story has touched me so deeply. We will pray for Parke, and the miracles that God bring to you each day. God bless you, and your family!

    Annie Martin

    1. Thank you Annie! I am so interested in foster care and adoption. Would love to talk with you more when things slow down. Thank you for your prayers and sweet words!

  2. Lindsey and Micah, your story is so inspiring!! I have shared it with so many people so if you come in contact with a complete stranger and theknow your story don't worry-people are just sharing your story with others because you all are amazing❤

    1. Thank you sweet Laura! I miss seeing you!!