Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Girl Time!"

Landry is a piece of work these days. I don't know if it is her age or if it started after getting another brother in the house. Either way, changes are needing to be made. :) 
She is sassy, doesn't want to listen, has her own ideas and ways of doing things, totally makes all of Collier's decisions for him, and is super-duper-duper rude to people when we are out places. She swings her head away and crosses her arms when strangers say hello, and it is so embarrassing! 
She can go from being sweet as pie to total beast in about 2 seconds flat. 
So, I'm kind of at a loss. We do timeout, we spank when we need to, we've started taking toys away, and we are just working down the list to see what seems to make a difference. I want my sweet girl back (all the time!). 

This weekend, all 3 boys were down napping, so Landry and I snuck away for some much needed time together. "Girl Time!" is what Landry normally says we need. On a funny side note, Micah was trying to get her to say that one day, and so he asked her what it was called when she and mommy went someplace together. She responded very enthusiastically, "Sam's Club!" :) Ha!

We stopped at the nail salon first for Landry to get her nails done for the first time. She loved it and picked a blue color with hearts added to a few fingers. She was so excited. While she was letting her nails dry, she fell fast asleep. She fought it for several minutes and would open her eyes and act like she hadn't missed a beat. It was so cute! 

 Finally, she slumped over and started drooling...I knew she was really out at that point. :)

 After the nail salon, we went to TCBY and ate ice cream for dinner. She especially loved that part! 
While we were there, a man told her what a pretty princess she was. In her usual sass, she corrected him that she was, "A COWGIRL princess....yeehaw!" (Notice the vest on her princess dress.) 
We had such a great time spending a few hours together. I think we both needed some alone time! 
By the way, after posting the nail salon picture on Facebook, I had a few of you mention something to me about her cheeks being pink or her hot pink blush. Nope, that's her natural color when she is sleepy or has been playing hard. Bright pink rosy cheeks!

 Landry is really the spark of our family. She keeps us on our toes, and you never know what she will say or come up with. She is an absolute mess, but she is MY mess. I'm told regularly that I am paying for my raising, but I am confident that can't be true. :)

I love these pictures below of her being a sweet mommy and sister to HER babies. She constantly has a baby in her arms...Parke, Arm, or Amy usually. 

I sure love this sassy girl!

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