Tuesday, February 19, 2013

These moments are priceless...

If you would have asked me 6 weeks ago what our family would look like today, these would not have been the pictures in my mind. Preparing for Parke's short life, we didn't even know for sure that our kids would have the opportunity to meet him. These past 5 1/2 weeks, the moments that we have shared as a family of 5, and the love that has surrounded Parke's miraculous little life has just been amazing. 

Some of my favorite moments and memories have come in the evenings. When our wonderful visitors head home, we bathe the kiddos, get in our pj's, and snuggle like crazy on "daddy's bed." (Apparently, I don't sleep there...ha!)
There are lots of kisses, wall climbing (see picture below), dancing, wrestling, and a crazy amount of giggles and smiles. 

(Collier breaks down when we take the baby away!)

These moments are priceless! 

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