Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy to be home!

I am so happy to be home with our little family. It is hard to be away from two of the munchkins that I love so much! I am posting a random assortment of pictures on this post to get all caught up. :)

Day 2 at ACH was good and pretty uneventful. Parke was snuggled by us as well as the nurses quite a bit!

Oh, it actually WAS eventful because Parke had a visit from a great-aunt that he had not had the pleasure to meet yet. Micah's Aunt Michele and her son Brad were able to swing by while they were in Little Rock for an appointment of their own. It was so fun for Parke to get to meet some of his Jonesboro family! 

We were excited (I will get into that more in another post) to get discharged on Thursday morning and get to head home. Dr. Best was our cardiologist, and he was wonderful! We met him while Parke was still in birth mama's belly, and we think very highly of him! 

 On the way home Thursday afternoon, we stopped in Lavaca to pick up the kids from Gigi and Papa-D. While we were there, Parke got to meet another set of his great-grandparents for the first time. It was really sweet! We also stayed for dinner and celebrated Parke's 3 week birthday with the Gibson family!

Yesterday, we got settled back in. Landry was so excited that "baby Parke HeMry!" was home. He seemed a little excited to see her too. :) We got L and C both a set of play scrubs from ACH and picked them up a medical kit on our way home. Landry jumped right into her new role of being a doctor and gave everyone check-up's yesterday. She said baby Parke sounded perfect!

We also got Parke a cute outfit while we were in Little Rock. The hat that went with the set was unusually large. Landry decided to put it on and match Parke. In Landry's world, anything that matches are...."twins!"

Sister is glad we are back home so that she can continue to act like a baby too. :) Love those sweet feet!

Sorry for the randomness. Hopefully I will be back in the groove tomorrow. I will give you some additional details about our time in Little Rock and an overall update on Parke. 

Today, he is doing great! Even though we know there is some internal failure with his heart, we are not seeing any external signs at this point. His eating has picked back up, and he seems strong and alert. He is such a miracle, and I am so proud to call him mine!

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