Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A snow day and a milestone...

Today is snowy, cold, and a great day to stay in. We had to cancel some morning plans because Collier was up most of the night with a cough, stuffy nose, and a bit of an upset tummy. Some of it is teething, and I hope the rest is just a quick cold that will pass. The last thing we need is to spread sickness around our house!

So, this morning, I got up and scrambled around looking for a clean cup for Collier. I couldn't find a lid anywhere. We seem to have 10,000 cups but only 5 or 6 lids because he chews through them. I made a wonderful discovery...rotten cups hidden behind his crib! 
He has stashed cups back there before, but these were pretty disgusting. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on his hiding spots. 
Good morning to me!

Collier was a little grumpy this morning, but nothing makes our sweet boy feel better than a beautiful tutu. :) And camo, of course, for good measure. 

I got to snuggle this little man for a while, and he was making some of the sweetest baby faces at me. I even got a smile or two, but couldn't catch those in a picture. 

Landry enjoyed some baby snuggles of her own. She is crazy, crazy, crazy, about holding her "tiny brudder." I think he could take it or leave it! Ha. 

And now to the milestone...
Today is 3 weeks from the day that the surgeon told us *in his opinion* that Parke had a 0% chance of making it another 3 weeks! 
We aren't seeing any changes at this point in his health. Parke is continuing to be strong, eat well, and grow like a normal extra special normal baby!  
I told you guys that I knew he was going to beat that prediction...he doesn't seem to like deadlines. :) 

I remember a blog post I wrote before Parke's birth talking about how I knew he was going to be a fighter. I honestly didn't picture 6 weeks in my wildest dreams. "Fighter" in my mind meant that we would have a few days rather than a few hours. "Fighter" to me meant that our children might have the chance to get a quick picture with him at the hospital instead of him being swept away to an area they couldn't visit. "Fighter" doesn't even seem like a fit word to describe our precious son anymore. He is a miracle, a blessing, and bright light in our family. His life, no matter how long it ends up being, will forever change our family. Our kids will never be the same, and I am SO thankful for the lessons of love and life that they will learn through his presence in our family. 


  1. such a milestone! a fighter for sure!

  2. What an amazing little boy! We always find cups under the couch. The last one we found my husband opened and then smelled it! What a terrible mistake that was:)

    New follower here:)