Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two of a Kind

I am the luckiest mama because I have 3 of the most precious babies in the world. :) Seriously, they are absolutely adorable, and I know I can't possibly be biased. Ha! 

You've heard a lot about Parke lately, but I'm in desperate need of updating you on Landry and Collier. These two monkeys keep me hopping. They are busier than busy, and I love how much they change and grow everyday. They love each other so much, fight like cats and dogs, and miss one another even when they are just in separate rooms. Life with these two is a joy! 

Landry Elise: 3 minus 2 months 
(she LOVES talking about being 3!)
Landry has us laughing all the time. She is so funny, and she knows it. 
To update you on her, I'm just going to share some of her most recent quotes. 

-Instead of "Pop Goes the Weasel," Landry thinks it is, "Fox-n-a-Weasel"
-Her new food request is Peanut Jelly, no butter. 
-She loves to tell people, "No way Jose!"
-Landry does not like milk at all. Every time we try to make her drink it, she tells us that it is "spicy milk!"
-"I don't have a tail, I have a booty." :)
-Instead of saying, "That's a good idea!" Landry says, "That's gonna be an idea!" 
-She thinks that she can control every situation by making demands because I'm pretty sure that at 2 1/2 the world really does revolve around her. She told me these two things the other day...
"Mama, I don't want it to rain outside. I want it to be pretty. BE PRETTY outside!!!" 
"I will take turns, but I want it to always be my turn." Really? She's kind of smart. :)
-Her newest baby doll is named Arm. So, at this point we have Amy, Pinkie, Starbuck, Ella, and Arm. Who knows what my grandchildren will be named some day!

Sweet Collier: 18 months
18 months kind of snuck up on me. I was okay with 16 months, okay with 17 months, but 18 months just sounds so big! The time from 18 months to 2 years for Landry was huge. She changed SO much, and I am starting to see a lot of changes in Collier...even on things that we aren't working on. 
He is saying many new words, asking questions, following some instruction (ha!), and really acting interested in learning new things. He is still extremely wild, but I am starting to see the light at the end of this 6 month long tunnel of craziness. He is starting to focus on projects, sit still for more than 20 seconds, and not be as frustrated with trying to express his needs. 
He is such a sweet boy...loves to snuggle, loves his mama, loves to read books, and still loves his green blankie. 
He and Micah are starting to do "boy things" together more often, and Collier loves being outside with his daddy. 

Collier has started paying more attention to Parke over the past few weeks. He wants to give him kisses constantly, and after EVERY kiss he says, "Awwww. I sweet!" 

He has started walking up to the toilet and asking to go potty. I have put him on there a few times, but he hasn't actually gone. He tells me every time he does #2 in his diaper, but it is always after the fact. 18 months just seems so early for a boy to potty train! I'm trying to hold him off, but I did buy him some underwear the other day at Target. Landry said, "Oh yea! Collier gets to wear panties on Monday!"  I'm not sure when we will actually start the process...we have a few other things going on right now. :) 

Thanks for reading my sometimes boring updates on my sweet kiddos! I blog instead of scrap-booking, and I love to look back through our "blog books" and see what the kids were doing at different ages. 

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