Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yesterday was great...until it wasn't

Yesterday started off perfectly. The kids {kind of} cooperated for me to get out the door to Parke's early morning doctor's appointment, and the appointment went well. 

Well, I need to back up. Sunday night after I had my gripe-fest on the blog, I tried going to bed right after the kids went down. I had not done a quiet time that day, so I picked up my phone while laying in bed and went to my YouVersion Bible app. The following was the verse of the day, and it just made me cry! It was exactly what I needed to read that night...
Isaiah 25:1
Lord, you are my God; 
I will exalt you and praise your name
for in perfect faithfulness,
you have done wonderful things, 
things planned long ago. 

In PERFECT FAITHFULNESS, God planned Parke's days long ago. He is faithful and able to carry us through whatever storms may come our way and whatever dark days we may have. I will exalt and praise his name!

So, with that verse on my heart, we started our Monday. The visit to our doctor went well, and despite Parke's poor eating the night before, he sounded and looked good...maybe even better than when we were in a few weeks ago! We discussed that maybe Parke had a little virus that was slowing  his appetite for a while and that it would pick back up. His cough could be from that too, and it was "normal" for Parke to change colors when he coughed because his oxygen levels would drop. 

We went on with our rainy and dreary day and met one of my favorite friends for coffee. Parke loved the loud buzz of the coffee shop and slept like a champ. We ran a few additional errands and headed back home.  

Landry has dance class on Mondays, and our "Emmy" normally stays home with Collier while Parke and I take the ballerina to class. Yesterday, it started getting really nasty out, so Emmy took Landry to class so that Parke wouldn't have to get out again. 

Parke rested a lot while they were gone, so Mini Picasso and I got to have ice cream and a painting party. He is so much fun to spend one-on-one time with...he eats it up!

Then in the afternoon, Parke started making some changes. His eating was still decreased, and what he did take in he spit back up shortly after. He even "dry heaved" some, and it was so pitiful. He seemed weak and tired. Fast forward through the night, and we have basically gone 24 hours without any formula intake (that stayed). We have been feeding Parke Pedialite through a dropper to keep him hydrated, but his wet diapers have decreased significantly. 

Parke seemed uncomfortable through the night. Especially after feedings...until he would spit it back up and get it off his stomach. His breathing pattern has changed, and he seems to struggle with that some. His color still looks great, but some of that is probably his beautiful skin-tone. :)

Our Little Rock doctor talked with our local doctor, and they have decided that continuous oxygen might help keep Parke comfortable. The oxygen was delivered today, and Parke was not a huge fan of having the hook-up on his face. We will see how this goes! 

Ultimately, we want him to be comfortable...that has been our goal from the start. We don't want him to struggle, and we will do whatever we need to do to keep him happy and covered in love. 
Please pray for Parke Henry over the next several days. We know what we are expecting to happen, but he could always rally again and keep us on our toes. 

Thanks for your prayers for our family...these have been tough days. 


  1. Praying for y'all. I've been following your journey and am so heavy hearted for you tonight. Praying!!

  2. Praying for Parke and your sweet family.

  3. I just found your blog tonight through the Peekaboo magazine! You all are in our prayers! You have a beautiful family of 5, and you are such an inspiration!

  4. Praying for sweet Parke and your family.

  5. Sweet baby. Praying for him and for your family.