Monday, February 11, 2013

A Reason To Celebrate!

Some of our most precious friends put together a 1 month birthday party for Parke Henry. It was a special day for our family, and it was so much fun to celebrate with a small group of friends. Parke was surrounded by wild kiddos and lots of other was just perfect! 
The kids played so hard and totally wore themselves out. They both slept hard last night (despite all the sugar!). 
The birthday boy was passed around and loved on a lot...just the way it was supposed to be! 
Happy 1 month (and one day now) birthday to our little miracle! He has doubled his original life expectancy, and we hope he just keeps going and going. 

Parke's pediatrician was partying with us last night....those are his lovely daughters holding Parke in a few of the pics. He gave me permission (probably because I didn't ask, I just told him...ha!) to give P a tiny taste of icing for his special day. Honestly, he wasn't a fan. :) 

Parke received several cards at his party, but I have to say that this was my favorite. Emma's mama sent me a picture of this earlier this week, but it was so sweet that they wanted to give Parke the actual paper. Emma is 4 years old and was asked to write something she was thankful for at church last week. She was thankful for baby Parke. :) I love that our friends' kiddos lives are being touched by Parke...we don't know the reason he is here, but God certainly does!

Love, love, loved yesterday. Thank you to everyone for the sweet messages, wishes, and prayers for Parke!  


  1. I saw a link to your post this morning, and I have spent some time reading your story. You are just precious people ~ you are living out your faith in an amazing and inspirational way! All three of your children are beautiful ~ blessed with wonderful parents! I will be keeping you in my prayers! God is so good!

    1. Sheila...thank you for your sweet comment and for your prayers!

  2. Hello, A friend posted your link not long ago and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and my husband&I were beyond blessed to adopt a little baby boy who is now 2 years old(we got him at 3 days old!). So, in some crazy way, I can relate to the illness in my own way and I can relate to being an adoptive parent. I love my little boy more than anything in this world and I know you feel the same way. I am SO inspired by your strength and I know that God is rejoicing because of your faithfulness to him. My little boy(his name is Elijah) and I have been praying for you, Baby Parke, and your family every night. Thank-you for sharing your journey with others because I, too, believe that it is going to help someone somewhere along the way. It, in fact, already has! God bless you! Sincerely, Tracey from Texas

    1. Tracey...your comment gave me goosebumps. Thank you so much for reaching out and for your precious prayers with Elijah. We appreciate them very much!!